Supervision department of vice treatment chancellor medical affairs

Medical affairs supervision department is one of the organizations of vice chancellor of Fasa University of Medical Sciences that supervises and inspects public centers, including public and private hospitals, clinics, offices, medical and radiology institutes ... and also investigates received complaints about these centers.

The main tasks of Supervision Department:

1- A dynamic and continuous monitoring on the activities of all public and private diagnostic centers and affiliated institutes, including private clinics of general practitioners, specialists, midwifes, physical therapists, nuclear medicine, radiology, nutrition, restricted surgery centers, clinics, hospitals and ...
According to the strategic plan of Fasa University of Medical Sciences, this supervision is performed every 4 months and in shorter intervals if needed.

2- Assessing the performance of hospitals and physicians employed in hospitals and other centers and adapting them to the instructions of the Ministry and reflecting the positive aspects and drawbacks to president of University and also to vice chancellor of minister in the city to obtain the guidelines and necessary commands.

Avecina Hospital of Fasa University of Medical SciencesAvecina Hospital, Fasa University of Medical Sciences

3- Supervising the implementation of regulations and ministerial guidelines of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

4- Evaluation of diagnostic and therapeutic institutions to improve qualitative and quantitative services:

  • Conducting institutes evaluation twice per year in the form of primary and main evaluation.
  • Summarizing and reporting defects hospitals’ evaluation in order to eliminate them.
  • Supervising the implementation of hospital committees and managed care guidelines.
  • Confirming license of hospitals and intensive care units evaluations.

5- Licensing for establishing governmental and non-governmental diagnostic and treatment centers and institutes are conducted by commission under article 20 in the city that has begun its activity in order to expand and strengthen diagnostic and therapeutic departments of the city.

6- Investigating the received complaints about the public and private diagnostic and treatment centers’ activities and affiliated institutes ;in addition, performing inter-sectorial and outer-sectorial coordination.

7- Coordinating and holding the sessions of the commission under article 11 of Governmental Suspended health and hygiene section by presence of the University president , president of Fasa medical council, the Deputy of health, president of Governmental Suspended department in city.

8- Promoting supervisory process with collaboration of other relevant organizations (Medical Council, the Nursing Council, the Commission suspended and ….)

9- Holding different committees such as:

  • Safety and promoting natural vaginal delivery committee
  • Committee of investigating the deaths of children aged 1 to 59 months
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Committee
  • Committee of improving maternal and neonatal health

10- Equipment and manpower training needs assessment of Obstetrics & Gynecology Department, according to the classification scheme

Emergency Medical Services of Fasa University of Medical SciencesEmergency Medical Services of Fasa University of Medical Sciences

11- Expertise and oversight on tariffs of medical in province

12- Responding to health care workers affiliated with the relevant rules