Shariati Hospital

Doctor Ali Shariati Hospital of Fasa has been established in 1347. The total area of this hospital is 22000 square meters and its building area is 3,800 square meters.

Psychiatric ward (with a capacity of 26 beds including 12 beds for men, 12 beds for women and 2 isolation beds) with experienced staffs is ready for reception of respectable patients of Fasa and other around cities.


Shock therapy unit for treatment outpatients and clients is active in this division on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. The all-day presence of MA in clinical psychology, entertainment room and occupational therapy and appropriate green space are facilities of this ward.

Dialysis ward with the acceptance of 75 outpatients, 10 beds, 10 Hemodialysis apparatus and with the presence of experienced nursing experts is open from Sunday to Thursday every week.

Special Patients Clinic is ready for reception of patients with hemophilia and thalassemia and is open from Sunday to Thursday at the morning every week except holidays.

Shariati Hospital, Fasa University of Medical SciencesShariati Hospital, Fasa University of Medical Sciences

Addiction abandonment clinic of Shariati Hospital with the presence of nursing experts and clinical psychology are open from Sunday to Thursday at the morning and evening every week except holidays.

Paraclinical wards of the hospital include pharmacy, Laboratories and imaging (radiology - CT scan – MRI – crusher – mammography - bone mineral density and sonography).

Ward neuromas infectious with 30 beds and the presence of physicians and experienced personnel is currently serving to the respectable patients since July, 2014.