School of Paramedical

paramedical.schoolThe first group of students was admitted in associate degree of Public Health in 2005. As professors of Public Health Department pursued the idea of accepting students in bachelor of public health, the first group of students was accepted in this field in 2012.

The main aim of this school is education of students in the various areas of health sciences to improve health and health care service systems and training professionals. To achieve the above objectives, in addition to communication with other groups in other schools, school is active to collaborate with other academic and educational institutions, and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

School of Nursing

nursing.schoolNursing is an independent field and a brunch of medical science that graduated person of this field work as a member of the health team in various areas related to services of health, education, researching, counseling, prevention, management and supportive care, treatment and rehabilitation processes. Continues bachelor degree of nursing is the first degree of nursing prepared based on scientific principles and Islamic values.

Nursing education at the bachelor level is a ground for training professional nurses that as a general nurse could assess and evaluate health condition and be responsible of services and care coordination in various areas for the individual, family and community.

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School of Medicine

School of Medicine was established under the vision of Shiraz University with the purpose of integrated rural physician and admission of only 14 medical students. In 1985, the school of Nursing merged with this school and converted to Nursing College and associate degree of nursing with 47 students was added since this year.

According to the minutes of the development council of University of Medical Sciences in 1987, the medical field was confirmed and nursing associate degree was improved to nursing bachelor degree, and laboratory science associate degree with 32 students was added to the fields of this school.