About Fasa

Brief Description:

Fasa (Persian: Fasā‎, also Fassa) is a city and capital of Fasa CountyFars ProvinceIran and it is located 145 kilometers south of Shiraz, capital of Fars province At the 2006 census, its population was 90,251, in 22,097 families.

Fasa has a very ancient historical background that even in the clay tablets of Persepolis, the name Fasa came to the form (Pesea) or (Basha), which represents the development of the city in that time.

In addition to the historical and religious monuments, the city has a beautiful natural landscape and mild and warm climate.


Tale Zahak

 Natural Attractions and Historical Monuments

1- Tale Zahak, which is the ruins of one of the Sassanid king palace. Many Antiquities have been found in this place by excavating and kept in museums of the country.
2- There are some Sassanid urban ruins near the village of Tang Karam, located 15 km from Fasa.
3- The gravestone (cement stone) with a length of 2 m and a width of 0.5 m, with precious lines carved on it which was related to the gate of Fasa during the Sasanian times.
4- The Naghare-khane building located at Bazar entrance of Fasa and related to Qajariyeh.
5- Artificial lake
6- Mian-jangal which is one of the preserving area with most valuable plant species.
7- Imamzadeh Ismael
8- Imamzadeh Hasan
9- Kharmankooh is, located 22 km northwest of Fasa, and is considered the highest point of the city.

Komach (Nan Fasayee) is one of the most famous and most important souvenirs in Fasa, attracting the attention of many travelers who come to visit this city. Halvah, Mughati, rug, Gabbeh, Jajim, Orange, Mandarin, Pomegranate, Walnut, Pistachios and handicrafts are other souvenirs of this city.

Komach (Nan Fasayee)