Fluoride therapy for seventeen thousand students and children under 12 years old

According to the report of Web Da, in this regard, Doctor Rasoul Mahmoodi, responsible for Oral and Dental health unit of Deputy Health of Fasa University of Medical Sciences said:

on examination of children under 12 years old, it has been observed that most of these children have carious teeth and clinicalresearchhas proven that fluoride can prevent the incidence of dental caries about 45 to 50%.

student.dentalDoctor Mahmoodi added: In this regard, oral and dental health unit has started fluoridetherapy ofteeth ofchildren under12years old including students of elementary schools and kindergartens by using fluoride varnish.

According to him, in this project, fluoridetherapy is done for about 17,000 under 12 years old rural and urban children.

Doctor Mahmoodi added: According to the researches, using fluoride varnish every 6 months can have more effectiveresults that the first stage of fluoride therapy in Fasa has been running in villages and affiliated sectors, and the second stage is expected to be completed in early 2015 before closures of school.He said : Before fluoridetherapy, children’s teeth are examined and number of carious, filled and pulled out teeth is recorded in the examination formtodeterminethe incidence of dental caries in the targetchildren.

The project of heal reform, the dreams of yesterday and reputation of today in the health field of the country/ Background of the implementation project of health reform in Fasa has been prepared since twoyears ago.